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Orchid Species Club

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18th March

details on their club page.





Melbourne Orchid Spectacular 2018

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Last weekend in August

Friday 24th to Sunday 26th

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Melbourne Orchid Spectacular 2017

Results are available on the Show page



Victorian Orchids of the Year 2016

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Orchids in Victoria Articles

We have now added all the articles published in all six volumes of Orchids in Victoria. There are now 246 articles on orchids and orchid culture which can be reached from the Articles link in the menu. We plan further upgrades to the photogallery when time permits but already we have approximately 1700 pictures in the gallery. This site contains approximately 350 pages (not counting the societies private pages). If you do find something you think needs correcting please let me know on web@oscov.asn.au and I will look at it.


- Each Society has been granted space (free of charge) on this site for their own web page. These are now posted and will be updated as more information is made available. Eventually It is hoped that members of many of these Societies will look after their own sites and be able to update them more often than is possible for one or two volunteers. As for now you can simply find a society on the map of Victoria or Melbourne and click to go to that Society's web site.

- Under the Photo Gallery you will find over 1000 pictures of awarded orchids and other orchids. Each is thumb-nailed with a larger picture available. More will be added later.

- Under Awards there is a complete list of all awarded orchids. This will be updated from time to time as more awards are granted and will be linked to relevant pictures in the future.

- Under Conservation find a list of many of the conservation activities in Australia.

- Under Links there is a list of many valuable links. This will be expanded in the future and has already been updated once.

- Under Judges you will find a list of all OSCOV Judges

- Under Executive there is a list of all Executive Members and their phone numbers.

- Under About Us find a description of what OSCOV is and what it does for its clubs.

- Who to Contact and get information about this site and orchids in Victoria. .

- A list of all upcoming Shows as soon as OSCOV is informed of these details. Information from clubs is required by mid March so judges can be allocated. Shortly afer that date a full list will be available on this site.

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