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John Forrest
31/10/34 – 28/1/2016

It is with loving memory that we mourn the passing of John Forrest.

John had been a very active member in the Victorian orchid community. He was a member of the Cymbidium Orchid Society of Victoria, Bayside Orchid Society, Berwick Orchid Society and Mornington Peninsula Orchid Society. He was a very hard working and gentle man who would help anyone when asked. John and his wife Julie took pride in their orchids and displayed them at every opportunity they could, monthly meetings and shows.
He will be sadly missed by all his orchid friends.



It is with deep regret that we report the passing of Issy Klein.  Issy was very active in the formation of OSCOV and was its first Liaison Officer.  He was active on the OSCOV Judging Panel and in 2000 was awarded the OSCOV Distinguished Service Award.  He was also one of the first Vice-Presidents of the North East Melbourne Orchid Society.  

He was born in South Africa and emigrated to Australia where he practised as a Pharmacist during his working life.   Issy was an active orchid exhibitor in the early years but became less involved with decreasing health.  He was also an active orchid hybridiser and registered many new Australian Native Dendrobium and Disa hybrids.  There are 17 grex names with Issy credited as registrant, and a very impressive 52 grex names crediting Issy as originator.  Issy received 9 OSCOV quality awards with his orchids, as well as several Cultural Certificates.  Dendrobium Jonathan's Glory was one of his most notable hybrids.

Our thoughts are with Issy's family and we thank him for the fond memories with which he leaves us.

Julian Coker Patron, Michael Coker President


Distinguished Service Award

Meryl Early receiving her Distinguished Service Award.

For many years Meryl has been Oscov show marshal. She has served on a number of Oscov club committees including Melbourne Eastern, Species, Mornington Peninsula and has been an active participant in club shows. She has assisted with the processing of Oscov awards and has put in an outstanding commitment to judging across Victoria. Congratulations Meryl.


Melbourne Orchid Spectacular

Is over for another year. And what a show. Spectacular as usual.
Links to results are at the bottom of the OSCOV Show page including the Orchid Art and Photography competition. And wasn't that great this year. Some superb photos and drawings plus some very nice sculpture and ceramics. I'm looking forward to next year already.



Lloyd Perryman
6/7/1942 - 25/7/2015

For many years, Lloyd was an active member of both Sale & Districts and Bairnsdale & District orchid clubs. He served on both committees and was also President of each for a number of years. More recently he was a member of the Dandenong & Districts club and the Mornington Peninsula Society where he also served on committee and as President. He was an exceptional grower of orchids and much respected friend. He will be missed by all who knew him.

Rest in Peace Lloyd.



DVDs for Member Societies

These DVDs are designed to fill in a gap when a society cannot get a speaker or a speaker drops out. They are posted free of charge to OSCOV member societies and can be kept afterwards. They show the awarded orchids in a particular group and are updated to the latest awards before being created and sent. Societies can obtain copies by contacting the Awards and Internet Secretary. I do need some notice but depending on what I am doing can at times act quickly. The programs are planned to be no longer than 45 minutes and for this reason I have just split the Exotic Species into Asian Species and American Species. Below is a list of all DVDs avaliable

Victorian Orchids of the Year
Awarded American Species
Awarded Asian Species
Awarded Australian Dendrobiums
Awarded Australian Sarcochilus
Awarded Australian Species
Awarded Cymbidiums
Awarded Laeliinea
Awarded Masdevalias
Awarded Oncidinae
Awarded Paphiopedilums
Awarded Any Other Hybrids

2015 Shows Listed

I have just uploaded a list of all shows held by OSCOV member societies in Victoria. As well as the Melbourne Orchid Spectacular there are 42 other shows planned by OSCOV societies and this list will give all a chance to plan where to go.

Photo Gallery Updated

I have just finished updating the Photo Gallery. It now contains almost 2000 images of orchids covering both species and hybrids. Most of the images are awarded orchids from up to 23 years ago until current time. If you click on the thumb nail you will get a larger image.

2015 OSCOV Melbourne Orchid Spectacular

Preparations for the 22 nd Annual OSCOV Melbourne Orchid Spectacular are well underway.  The Spectacular will be open to the public from Friday 28 August 2015 until Sunday 30 August 2015.  The venue remains at the Boxhall Pavilion, KCC Park, 655 Western Port Highway, Skye, Victoria.  Entry fees will be the same as for 2014 ($10 per adult and $8 concession, children under 15 free).

The list of Vendors has almost been finalised and we expect that there will be around 25 of these.  We hope that there will be a broader range of food & beverage offerings than we had for 2014 and hopefully this will include a barista for the coffee connoisseurs.

We are hoping to have even more displays than we had in 2014 a number of groups of our Country Clubs have expressed an interest in joining forces to stage bumper displays, so hopefully this will result in greater Club participation.  There should also be a few more non-orchid displays further details of these will follow.
Regular updates on the Spectacular will also be posted on Facebook: . . .


The 16th Victorian Country Clubs Challenge will be hosted by Cobden Orchid Society in 2015.  This event is one of the most significant celebrations on the Victorian Orchid Calendar, and in 2015, the VCCC promises to be as good as ever.  There will be a range of fabulous orchid displays from Victorian orchid societies, and a number of commercial vendors offering great orchids and other items for sale.

The VCCC will be held on Saturday 4 July and Sunday 5 July 2015, at the Cobden Technical School.

Here is a link to more information on the VCCC: http://www.orchid-club-cobden.com/414434921

Victorian Orchids of the Year 2014

The Victorian Orchids of the Year 2014 competition was judged by the OSCOV judging panel today (15/2/2015). The Victorian Orchid of the Year 2014 as well as Victorian seedling of the Year 2014and Victorian Paphiopedilum Species of the Year 2014 was Paphiopedilum micranthum 'Puffclere' HCC/OSCOV grown by Bill and Jan Miles of Orchid Species Plus.

The Victorian Best Cultured Orchid of the Year 2014 Victorian Best Cultured Species Orchid of the Year 2014 and the Victorian Australian Native Species of the Year 2014 was Dendrobium tetragonum var. melaleucaphilum ‘Dawkins’ HCC/OSCOV CC/OSCOV Grown by Matt Dawkins. Full results and all winners can be found on this link.

Melbourne Orchid Spectacular -2014

The show was judged onThursday 21st August 2014 and the provisional results along with pictures of all the champions and winning stands and links to this are on our show page or you can use this link to go directly to the champions page and pictures. All the comments I have herd about the new venue KCC Park have been very positive. To the left is a picture of Cymbidium hookerianum 'Drouin' which was grown by John McMillan. This plant has won this show at least 3 times. After a successful show at our new venue - KCC Park we have already started the planning for next yrar. The proposed dates for next years show are the 28th - 30th August 2015. Put these dates in your diary as this is the one show in the year that you would not want to miss.




Orchids in Victoria Articles

We have now added all the articles published in all six volumes of Orchids in Victoria. There are now 246 articles on orchids and orchid culture which can be reached from the Articles link in the menu. We plan further upgrades to the photogallery when time permits but already we have approximately 1700 pictures in the gallery. This site contains approximately 350 pages (not counting the societies private pages). If you do find something you think needs correcting please let me know on web@oscov.asn.au and I will look at it.


- Each Society has been granted space (free of charge) on this site for their own web page. These are now posted and will be updated as more information is made available. Eventually It is hoped that members of many of these Societies will look after their own sites and be able to update them more often than is possible for one or two volunteers. As for now you can simply find a society on the map of Victoria or Melbourne and click to go to that Society's web site.

- Under Articles you will find a collection of 87 articles from Orchids in Victoria and More Orchids in Victoria on a wide range of topics. More will come later.

- Under the Photo Gallery you will find over 1000 pictures of awarded orchids and other orchids. Each is thumb-nailed with a larger picture available. More will be added later.

- Under Awards there is a complete list of all awarded orchids. This will be updated as more awards are added and be linked to relevant pictures in the future.

- Under Conservation find a list of many of the conservation activities in Australia.

- Under Links there is a list of many valuable links. This will be expanded in the future and has already been updated once.

- Under Judges you will find a list of all OSCOV Judges

- Under Executive there is a list of all Executive Members and their phone numbers.

- Under About Us find a description of what OSCOV is and what it does for its clubs.

- Details on how to join the Free Online Orchid Group and keep up to date on orchid events in Victoria.

- Who to Contact and get information about this site and orchids in Victoria.

- The last seven Victorian Orchids of the Year winners, together with articles by Brian Milligan about the winners for each of the last three years winners.

- A list of all upcoming Shows as soon as OSCOV is informed of these details. Some shows are already listed.

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